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KSC Federal Contractors, LLC is an LLC specializing in

Federal Contracts across the continental US.

Our team is a group of well-experienced government contractors. Our senior project manager has over 30 years of experience performing federal contracts and our project superintendents hold EM385-1-1 SSHO and CQM certifications as well.

Our staff is composed of a degreed and field-certified Engineer, as well as, two certified Project Managers - Six Sigma and PMP. As this provides our organization with exceptional management and knowledge that is reflected in the value we will add to your government investment in this project. Our staff members hold Red Cross CPR & First Aid, OSHA 30-Hour Construction Certifications, and are CQM certified. 

To summarize KSC's construction experience, we owe it a lot to our mentors. They pushed us through all of the years to be the best, to learn and develop internal building systems before they became the industry standards. To some, construction is a very difficult career choice. When you love what you do you will love your life. We've had an intense construction experience with a portfolio of diversified projects. We belong to an elite group of construction professionals with a wealth of experience commonly compared to entire companies. This business is our lives and we pledge that we will continue to be until we've had enough.

Here at KSC Federal Contractors, LLC - we are committed to providing the Federal Government with excellent service at a fair price. A company that has built a solid reputation as an effective, efficient contractor that knows its business.

Technicians at Work

Improving Indoor Air Quality

A veteran-owned small business that has collaborated with WellAir to make building indoor air quality cleaner and safer.

air solutions

  • Virus/Bacteria/Pathogen/Mold & Spore kill technology for indoor building air quality.

  • Standalone units designed to kill all virus/bacteria/pathogens in the air - including COVID, collect the destroyed virus/bacteria/pathogens in a triple-filtration system equivalent to a MERV-18 filter and push out sanitized air.

  • UL2998 certified against ozone emission + CARB certified

  • FDA cleared it as a Class II medical device and does not produce IONS.

  • Non-turbulent technology and are designed to run 24/7 - Set it & forget it.

  • Patented NanoStrike - Inactivates all airborne microorganisms on contact providing the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria. 99.99% effective at inactivating the CDC's leading airborne microorganisms threats, including SARS-COV-2.

  • 60,000+ installations so far including the Department of Taxation.

  • Safe and effective - used in hospitals worldwide around the most compromised patients.

  • Very cost-effective options as low as $2,000

  • Products have been tested by the EPA, NASA, FDA, UL, SPOT, CARB & INTERTEK. In addition, 29 independent test results, 30 lab studies, 13 field evaluations, 18 case studies, and 2 published medical journal reviews. 

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